Who I Am

I am a Roman Catholic and a loyal American. I was born and raised in Virginia and was taught reading, writing, and 'rithmetic at home by two of the most qualified people I know, my parents. I currently hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature and was taught in college that solid argument and intense mental application go much farther than any specific career training, a philosophy that has proved a sound one time and again.

I am married to my best friend and confidante and have two sons by her. We are both chefs in our own right and take delight in the small pleasures of cooking for a small family.

Through much searching, praying, sweating, and thinking, I have come to subscribe wholeheartedly to the ideas of subsidiarity and to its social outgrowth, distributism. These philosophies put forth the ideas that authority is most effective when it is dished out at the lowest possible level, and that as a parallel idea, society is most just when men have the greatest amount of ownership of their work. Far from being socialist, these philosophies insist that man is at his fullest when his labor is allowed to belong to him completely.

I want to discuss thoughts and ideas, and to put forward a worldview which is alternative to the norm. Our world has problems and we are here to try to fix a few of them. There will never be heaven on earth, but let us at least try to make this world the mud room adjoining heaven, a place where we figure ourselves out and clean off the soil that keeps us out of paradise.

So wipe your feet at the entrance and Be Aware!